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"Magicians Mort and Donna, thanks for being the life of the party last night. Everyone at Portico was singing your praises when I went to work this morning."
C. Adams - Birmingham, Alabama


View Photo  (Photo Courtesy of R. Brandon Harris)
January 15, 2011
Birmingham, Alabama
At his fourth birthday party, Parks celebrates with Mort; Donna; Scarlett, the Nankin hen; and Velvet; the Mini-Rex rabbit.

View Photo  (Photo Courtesy of Leisa Douglass)
March 30, 2008
Birmingham, Alabama
Tommy, the birthday boy, is amazed and delighted as Scarlett, the Nankin hen, lounges contentedly in his arms. In describing his magical birthday, Tommy enthusiastically proclaimed, "It's the best day of my life, so far!"

View Photo  (Photo Courtesy of Cary Sue Calhoun)
February 10, 2007
Birmingham, Alabama
After making a magical appearance during Mort's and Donna's magic show at Brewster Road Baptist Church, Scarlett, the Nankin hen, enjoys being cuddled by Virginia, a member of the congregation.

View Photo  (Photo Courtesy of Anthony Underwood)
October 22, 2006
Bessemer, Alabama
Following a performance of platform magic at the Bessemer Hall of History, Mort hypnotizes his Mini-Rex rabbit, Lucky.

View Photo  (Photo Courtesy of Wagnon Public Relations)
January 13, 2005
Birmingham, Alabama
Mort performs close-up magic at the "Book of Lists Preview Party" for the Birmingham Business Journal.

View Photo  (Photo Courtesy of Teresa McCay)
October 27, 2004
Birmingham, Alabama
Mort performs close-up magic at the "Tails and Art Benefit" for the Alabama Animal Foundation.

View Photo  (Photo and Video Courtesy of NBC Universal Studios)
September 9, 2004
Burbank, California
Matilda, World's Oldest Living Chicken; Mort; and Donna appear with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.

View Photo  (Photo Courtesy of Paula Carney)
March 2, 2003
Green Pond, Alabama
Olivia, the birthday girl, assists Mort with a piece of magic at her ninth birthday party.

Mort The Mystifying and Donna would like to express their thanks to the many photographers whose time, talents, and generosity made this page possible.

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